El Hefe Aluminum Stripping Plate Upgrade Kit

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
2 units

Product Overview

Some customers who have a tendency to strip aggresively downward instead of forward have found that they wear grooves in the Polycarbonate stripping plate.

In response we have developed and procured Anodozed Aluminum stripping plates.  Starting in November 2021 this will be an upgrade option on El Hefe - but that does not help existing customers,

This upgrade kit is being made available at a major discount to existing customers who purchased their El-Hefe prior to November 15th 2021.

Note that the upgrade will likely require some "adjustments" to the existing reels to get it to line up correctly.  This can be accomplised in one of two ways:

OPTION1:  I will mail you the stripping plate with replacement screws and it is up to you to modify the frame to get the new plate to align.  If you are handy and patient it will require about 15 to 20 minutes with a small file.  I will release a video soon on how to do it.

OPTION2:  I will mail you the stripping plate upgrade kit with a special tool to help align your stripping plate.  Some level of handiness may be required.

OPTION3:  You mail me your reel and I will upgrade it for you and mail it back


(No reviews yet) Write a Review