El Capitan 3D Printed Fly Reel

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$190.00 - $200.00
El Capitan now available in the 6/7/8 weight size option
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
2 units

Product Overview

El Capitan combines the proven drag and mechanical design from the revolutionary El Hefe 3D printed fly reel with stiffer, lighter and tougher structural components. 

Special Features:

  • Drag has been used and abused the world over landing big fish
    • Carp landed up to 30lbs
    • Black Drum landed up to 30 lbs
    • Over 25 different freshwater and Saltwater species to date
  • Structural components are 3d printed
    • Custom high precision printers
    • High tech engineering grade plastics
    • Proprietary processes for complex shapes and function
    • Allows premium components and technology at a very low price-point
  • Reel floats when attached to typical 6/7/8 weight rods
    • Never lose your rod and reel overboard again!
    • Makes handling and releasing fish in the flats much easier
  • Preloaded oil-style main seal designed for rotary motion and extended life instead of o-rings
  • Over-sized clutch bearing with higher strength and capability than the competition
  • High precision ABEC-5 stainless steel main bearings
  • Available in a variety of unique colors
  • 3D printed elements are completely corrosion free and saltwater safe

Specs and Features:

  • 6/7/8 weight
  • 7.4 Ounces
  • 150+ yards 20lb backing with 7 WF floating line
  • Outgoing clicker with old-school ball and detent sound
  • Adjustable cork/teflon lubricated disc drag
    • Fully sealed
    • High drag capacity (5.2lbs max drag)
    • Low stiction (Sometimes falsely reffered to as start-up inertia)
  •  Reversible winding direction 
    • Some dis-assembly and tools required
  • Materials and processes are carefully selected for strength, appearance and functionality:
    • 3D printed parts:
      • Structural parts are ASA for UV and impact resistance combined with color variety.
      • Spool body is polycarbonate for extreme impact resistance
      • Drag and Spool knobs are Carbon Fiber PETG for hardness and appearances
      • Hub and drag components are PETG for toughness and dimensional stability
      • Clicker plunger is Delrin for low friction and excellent wear
    • CNC Machined Parts:
      • Clicker ramps and spool handles are machined from Delrin for low friction and excellent wear
      • Axle and Draw Bar from Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance and strength
      • Foot and Stripping Plate are machined and anodozed Aluminum for wear resistance and durability
    • Laser Cut Parts:
      • Delrin clicker plates and thrust washers for low friciton and excellent wear.
      • Teflon and Cork drag washers for low start up friction drag performance
    • Off the Shelf Parts:
      • Drag bearing, Axle bearings, clicker springs and handle axle are stainless steel for corrosion resistance
      • All fasteners are stainless steel for corrosion resistance
      • Clutch beariing is a class leading 8mm high capacity bearing

Warranty Information

Warranty for 1 full year covers: -Leaking hub due to being submerged less than 3 feet deep and less than 1 hour. -Broken parts leading to degraded performance due to normal wear and tear. -Degradation in drag performance. -Un-intended Rubbing or interference between spool and frame. Not covered: - Broken parts due to dropping or crushing the reel. - Leaking hub due to reel being submerged to depth greater than 3 feet or for longer than 1 hour. - External appearance degradation not leading to performance degradation due to normal wear and tear. - Squeaking reel handle (serviceable)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review